When I was 13, I lost my dad to a three-year battle with leukemia. It was one of the darkest, saddest, and most painful moments in my life. I love to write, and yet the words for that time escape me. And while I certainly don't share this to compare the election results to the death of my father -- there is no comparison to the death of a parent -- it carries some relevance. 

I am a devoted Spotify user. Don't even talk to me about Tidal, Apple Music, or Pandora. iTunes? WTF is that? Get your life together (unless you're listening to Beyonce. Any music player will do). 

This fidelity and commitment to my streaming service plays itself out in....you guessed it: playlists. 

The latest is 90-minute roundup of 26 tunes that I played on repeat for the entirety of October...and it's a pretty perfect representation of my taste in music. Because yes, yes you can have Tate Kobang and Shovels & Rope on the same playlist. 

So press play and let tell you 'bout some of my favorites....

I recently started volunteering at a school garden once per week. For one hour every Tuesday morning, I put on my Danskos, pretend to know something about urban farming, and work with other volunteers to teach elementary schoolers about plants, bugs, weather, fruits and veggies, and concepts of character-building and respect. 

During a recent session, we talked with third graders about garden ecosystems, explaining how the fate of their little school-side plot depends on a healthy balance of good bugs, bad bugs, soil, silt, clay, and water. We did a scavenger hunt for spiders, bees, and beetles. We touched the dirt. They were grossed out but giggly. I was learning.